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Bookmarks: Resources for Elementary Language Arts

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Grammar Resources

Apostrophes in Contracted Words
Just a few rules, but well presented

Big Dog's Grammar
A bare bones guide to English

Dancing Nouns
A lesson plan on nouns with many different and fun activities

Descriptives: Comparatives-Superlatives
What a great list! By Rick Walton, Children's Author

Draw a Descriptive Comparative Superlative Picture
A great activity for young students on comparative and superlatives, by Rick Walton, Children's Author

English Club
Designed for teachers of ESL, this site will give you excellent resources on basic grammar, which many of our students who already speak the language need.

Find Descriptive Comparative Superlatives in Your World
Suggested activity for teaching comparative and superlatives, by Rick Walton, Children's Author.

Free Language Arts Worksheets
Abbreviations, Adjectives, Adverbs, etc.

Grammar Gorillas
Our friends, the Grammar Gorillas, need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, our friends get a banana. And you know a gorilla with a banana is a gorilla with appeal.

Language Grammar Lessons
A list of activities from

Online English Grammar
More than you would ever need, a good resource

State of Being Verbs
Here is a little story to help you learn about the eight state-of-being verbs. Learn about action, helping and main verbs, then take the verb test.

Tutorial World
Download free worksheets on grammar and sentence construction.

Words at Work
Humorous writing about nouns, adverbs and verbs

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