Apply - Center for Information Technology

The Center for Information Technology seeks students who have a strong desire to participate in a rigorous course of study in Information Technology/Computer Science. This is an immersion program and all CIT classes center around these topics. The CIT receives an abundant amount of applications each year, and the applications with the qualities below will have a higher chance of being accepted.

# Good Students:
1 Possess a genuine interest in Information Technology/Computer Science
2 Demonstrate strong math skills
3 Have achieved high academic performance
4 Take initiative in leadership roles and responsibilities
5 Are willing and able to adapt to changes
6 Work effectively in teams and independently
7 Have effective communication skills

# Applications will be evaluated on:
1 Strength of submitted application, including two letters of recommendation (math, technology or science teachers recommendations preferred)
2 High academic performance indicated through grade transcripts and standardized test scores, with a minimum GPA of 3.2
3 Competitive performance on the NWEA Assessments and the CIT writing prompt (submitted with the application)
4 Demonstrated interest in IT/Computer Science activities
5 Completion of Algebra I with a 93.0 or higher average prior to final acceptance
6 Demonstration of the qualities of the ideal candidate