Teaching Mathematics and


Pete Anderson
Henrico County Public Schools


Workshop Objectives
By the end of the workshop, participants will:
  • have a basic understanding of Project Based Learning
  • see how PBL is being transitioned into Mr. Anderson's teaching methods
  • know how Web 2.0 Technologies assist in PBL
  • choose one type of project to incorporate into their class and begin planning


Geometry is an Experience in PBL   [ Pete Anderson ]


Introduction to PBL   [ from edutopia ]


Sample Projects
SOL G.11
Scale Model of the Solar System
Discussion Boards / Wiki
Explain Yourself!
  • Writeboard Writeboards are sharable, web-based text documents.
Audio Only
SOL Preparations - A Student's Opinion
Visual - PowerPoint
We Have a Situation Here!
Visual - Adobe pdf
Mathematical Analysis of Art
[ none ]
Visual - Brochure
SOL Preparations
Visual - Video
Open Topics
The Big Project
It's in the hole!
The Big Project
How did all of this Math get into my Art?
[ same as above ]


Other Resources


Workshop Wiki collaboration of resources, ideas, and questions


Henrico County Public Schools
Hermitage High School
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Mr. Pete Anderson
teacher of mathematics
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