Night Study Questions

Chapter 1

1.   Describe Moshe the Beadle.  Explain his relationship with the Jews of Sighet,
particularly Eliezer.

2. How does deportation change Moshe?  How do others' feelings toward him change?

3. Why are spirits among the Jews of Sighet relatively high at the beginning of Night?

4. Describe life in the Sighet ghetto?

5. Explain the opportunities for escape that the Wiesels miss before evacuation.

Chapter 2

6. Describe the ghetto evacuation and journey to Auschwitz.

7. Identify the first signs of the ability of humans to act inhuman under tremendous stress.

8. Interpret the significance of Madame Schächter's insane warnings.

Chapter 3

9. Describe the first selection.

10. How do Eliezer and his father survive the first selection?

11. Explain the purpose of Birkenau.

12. What ultimately causes the dramatic change in Eliezer's religious faith at Birkenau?

13. Describe Eliezer's plan if he is selected for death at Birkenau.

14. Describe the prisoners' indoctrination into concentration camp life.

15. How does the prisoners' indoctrination benefit the Nazis?

16. For the most part humanity was lost in the camps.  Note acts of kindness and signs of
hope in the midst of the bestiality.

Chapter 4

17. What is Burna?  What does Eliezer do there?

18. What does the hanging of the child who looks like a sad angel symbolize for Eliezer?

19. Describe the Kapos.

20. What is ironic about the prisoners' feelings about air raids?

21. Explain the prisoners' attitude toward death.

Chapter 5

22. Describe Eliezer's feelings as the prisoners observe the Jewish New Year.

23. How do the prisoners in Eliezer's block survive the New Year's selection?

24. Describe the exchange of possessions between the father and son when it appears
that the elder Wiesel has been selected for death.

25. Why is Eliezer admitted to the camp hospital? What dangers face him there?

26. Discuss and evaluate Eliezer's decision to leave the hospital early.

Chapter 6

27. What keeps Eliezer going during the brutal march?

28. How does the realization that the Rabbi Eliahou's son purposely abandoned the Rabbi?
affect Eliezer?

29. How does Eliezer save his father from the selection at Gleiwitz?  Interpret what this
reveals about Eliezer's continued commitment to his father.

Chapter 7

30. Describe the tragic incident between a father and son on the train.  What might this
event reveal about the fragile nature of humanity?

Chapter 8

31. Explain why Eliezer's father is denied medical care at Buchenwald.

32. Discuss Eliezer's feelings of guilt as his father dies.  Do you think his feelings are

Chapter 9

33. Describe the events that lead up to the liberation of Buchenwald.

34. What do the liberated prisoners do first?

35. Explain the irony of Eliezer's nearly fatal illness after the liberation.

36. Discuss Eliezer's closing image of himself.