Student "Brag Sheet" for College Recommendations

Student Name:

I believe you should have a certain amount of input into the letters of recommendation that I will be writing to colleges on your behalf. Consequently, I am asking for your perceptions of your educational and personal growth.

Please respond to as many of the following questions as you think necessary.

  1. Are there any factors related to your grades of which you would like colleges to be aware?


  3. Are there any factor about admission test scores that you would like us to address?


  5. Are there any circumstances in your life that might have had a negative impact on your academic performance?


  7. What are your proudest accomplishments — academic and/or personal?


  9. List five adjectives that describe something about you as a person.



6. What extracurricular activity has been the most meaningful to you? Why?



  1. What job experience has been especially meaningful? Why?



Please feel free to use additional paper if you’d like to type your responses or if your comments don’t fit into the spaces I’ve provided.