Mr. Wozny’s English 10A Periods 1 & 6


I like the first image because it represents to me the delicate beauty of ordinary things.  So often we miss nature’s intricate beauty. It also reminds me of how we learn – little by little, drop by drop.  I hope you learn and grow oceans this year! I like the second because it visualizes the many changes we make in life - and the many changes that await you this sophomore year.

September 6-9

Tues. 9.8

Weds. 9.9

Thurs. 9.10

Fri. 9.11

Welcome Back! Give your parent/guardian "A Million Words" and the book receipt to sign. Also:

1) Summer Reading Assignment on The Old Man and the Sea due Friday, 9.11. The timed essay will be given next Thursday, 9.17 in class.

2) You may take and print out a selfie with you and you favorite book in the picture. This is extra credit, due by Friday (3 pts. on Quiz 1.)




Vocab 1 Definitions due tomorrow.

Be sure to get your book receipt and the back page of your syllabus signed and delivered by tomorrow.


Get a composition book/journal.



N.B.:I have been inundated with documents & paperwork this weekend, so have extended the due date for your Summer Reading assignment - to Monday, 9.14. The timed essay for Summer Reading will be on Thurs., 9.17.


We watched the third YouTube video on Joseph Campbell's idea of "The Monomyth."

This first one (weird but informative) - on YOU being the hero, you can watch on your own - or we may at a later date:

This second one (funny) on the different TYPES OF HEROES in all stories according to Campbell - again, watch on your own/later date.


This one we watched and did the Venn Diagram.

This one looks at the Monomyth through Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz:



Have your journal for class on Monday!

Study for Voc. 1 Quiz. Also, your Summer Reading assignment is due (both parts - The Old Man and the Sea and Joy Luck Club/The Alchemist.)




September 12-16

Mon. 9.14

Tues. 9.15

Weds. 9.16

Thurs. 9.16

Fri. 9.17

Quiz 1


J-1: Think of a metaphor that describes your life right now. Explain using details.

Journal entries should state the prompt in the top margin, along with its number. The amount you wish to write is up to you -but you must write a minimum of 2 pages. You should write a full page, left margin to the end of the line, all lines of 2 pages for full credit. Journals will be collected at the end of each Marking Period.

Read the following article:


Vocab. #2 Defs.

We will spend today and tomorrow going into depth with The Old Man and the Sea. This PPT will be shown:


HW: prepare for your in-class timed essay on TOMATS.

We will listen to this song and note its existential theme.


Go to School Space for the short PPT on existentialism.



Study for Voc. Quiz 2


September 21-25

Mon. 9.21


Weds. 9.23

Thurs. 9.24

Fri. 9.25

Class: Voc. Quiz 2 


What is your favorite song - and why?

Vocab 3 Defs.

HW: If 6th pd folk did not complete Defs 3, please do so for Thurs.



No School.




J-3 Which character from a book would you most like to meet and why?

HW: For the weekend, use your journal to record a dream. (If you don't "catch one" - the journals will not be collected until Mon., Nov. 9. You have till then. I suggest you keep your journal on your nighttable till you remember one. Minimum: 3/4 of a page. You need not "interpret" your dream (unlkess you wish), just record it.  

September 28-30; Oct. 1-2

Mon. 9.28

Tues. 9.29

Wed. 9.30

Thurs. 10.1

Fri. 10.2

HW: Please complete the Summer Reading Socratic Seminar material for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar. You have three questions to complete before the Seminar - as well as annotating a poem. The document is found on School Space (If you were absent in class and read "The Alchemist" - read "Journey's End." If you read "Joy Luck Club" - read "The Road Not Taken.")

HW: Defs 4

If you have not completed your Socratic Seminar documents, they are to be done by beginning of class tomorrow.

HW: Read Ch. 1 of ALBD. Answer the Q's for Ch. 1 given in class.

If you were absent, the class did some research on topics germane to the novel. Absentees: choose from the list below and creat a three slide PPT. One slide should contain an image of your subject/topic/person. The other two have information. The info may be general and not exhaustive. Cite your sources (2) on the last slide. Drop into a dropbox on SchoolSpace called "Lightning Research." Topics: Emmit Till; Huey Long; the Blues as a music form; sugar cane plantations (what that are like, how sugar cane grows, is harvested, etc.)

HW: study for Voc. 4 Quiz. Blog that I mentioned is
on hold.)

J-4: Describe the most difficult thing about being your age. Why? Elaborate using details. Use examples.

HW: Joaquim stuff: IF the hurricane takes school days, keep your reading and questions. If we are absent from school, please read a chapter for each day off and do the q's for that chapter. IF we're not here Tuesday, do Defs 5. 1st Pd. will quiz Defs 4 Monday (or the next day we're here.)


October 5-9

Mon. 10.5

Tues. 10.6

Weds. 10.7

Thurs. 10.8

Fri. 10.9

HW: Read Ch. 2 & answer the Q's


Respond to the blog q :

HW: Vocab. 5 Defs.  Read Ch. 3 and answer thw Q's.



HW: Read Chs. 4 & 5 and answer the Q's. Also, please resond (reply) to ONE OTHER student's blg post on the first question about the one word you think is a counterpoint to "hog." Comment on their post. Agree or disagree with the word they chose, supporting your view using quotations or ideas.

HW: study for Voc. 5 Quiz. Here’s a Quia: GO TO the QUIAS FOR SEMESTER 1 ifor my 10C classes to review!!! Yours are Lessons 9 & 10. (As I mentioned in class: you MUST use Internet Explorer & NOT Chrome to access these Quias.)



Your school career more than likely has had moments of humor. What is the funniest thing you have ever seen happen at school (nothing inappropriate, please!)?

Also: Q's for Chs. 6-8. Read Ch. 6 and answer ch. qs. (If you were absent, q's are on SS.)


October 13-16

Tues. 10.13

Weds. 10.14

Thurs. 10. 15

 Fri., 10.16


Vocab 6 Defs



J-6:What kind of T.V. commercial would you like to make? Describe it.

Write the script. The product or service is up to you. Be creative.

HW: NOTE: Journals 1-7 due (along with dream journal) Monday, Nov.2.

1st Pd.: None. 6th Pd: Please print and bring to class Monday the two docs in SS on one sheet: "Chapter 7 Essay" and 5-Paragraph Essay Rubric." Also: complete the Freewriting we began in class (on full page/one side) and circle 3 ideas you came up with to support your thesis.

October 19-23

Mon. 10.19

Tues. 10.20

Weds. 10.21

Thurs. 10.22

Fri. 10.23

HW: 1st: Have your Freewriting/Brainstorming completed. 6th: Have your Outline with 3 bullet points, details, and quotes - along with your thesis. Deadline for FINAL copy has been extended to WEDS. of this week.

HW: Defs 7. Also, persuasive paper due at beginning of class Weds.

HW: Answer Ch. 7 Q's. Read Ch. 8 and complete q's & turn in worksheet.

Study for Voc. 7 Quiz. 

Read Chs. 9 & 10 and complete worksheet.


Quiz 7

J-7: I wish everyone would learn to ..... Then everyone would.....

HW: NOTE: Journals 1-7 due (along with dream journal) Monday, Nov.2.

Test on Chs. 1-11 next Thurs.



October 26-30

Mon. 10.26

Tues. 10.27

Weds. 10.28

Thurs. 10.29

Fri. 10.30

Test on Chs. 1-4 Thurs.


No HW tonite
















HW: Study for the TEST tomorrwo.





HW: Journals 1-7 due Monday Nov. 2.


ALSO: second draft of paper. Listen to your MP3, write down 3 critiques. Write a second draft incorporating ALL critiques on your paper. Turn in: Old Paper on top, MP3 Review in midle, and New Draft stapled together -- Due Mon.

Nov. 2-6

Mon. 11.2

Tues. 11.3

Weds. 11.4

Thurs. 11.5

Fri. 11.6

HW: Answer Ch. 12 q's. Read Ch. 13 and answer q's. Due BOC Weds.











Have you ever done a job or performed a task (either as "work" or "play") at 110%? Describe the last time you gave a task your all. What was it? What did it feel like? What did you learn?


HW: Review your Vocab words Lessons 1-8 for Monday! Cume Test on Voc. Lessons 1-8.


November 9-13

Mon. 11.9

Tues. 11.10

Weds. 11. 11

Thurs. 11.12

Fri. 11.13

HW: None.


HW: Defs 9 due Tomorrow.

Class: Poetry Out Loud Day 1

POL Day 3


HW: Do Assignment #1 for POL - "Getting at Meaning";

POETRY OUT LOUD: Choose your poem (s) to memorize on this site:

So the class will not have repeats, if two of you chose the same poem, I will lottery which one you have. The other - please chose another.and do "Getting at Meaning"

Also: begin to MEMORIZE YOUR POEM.


Sites to Get at Meaning:


HW: study for Voc. 9 Quiz. Also: read Chs. 14 & 15. Q's on SS. 



J-9 :You know how things are weird? Like, why is "Thames" (the river in London) pronounced "Tems"? Have you ever seen a #1 or a #3 pencil? Stuff like that. For this entry, write about three things that are strange or weird or you've puzzled over. You should devote a separate paragraphs to each.


HW: Read Ch. 16 and do a dialectical journal on it. Go to SS where there are three documents - an explanation of WHAT a dialectical journal is, an explanation and MY EXAMPLE of one for Ch.1, and a student example. Please begin in the middle of your jounal (the spine). Create a tic-tac-toe-like box for three quotations and three responses. Choose THREE types of responses and IDENTIFY which kind for each quotation. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW --HOW AND WHY-- are on those docs. Do one for chapter 16 as a trial run. If you have any q's, email me at




November 16-20

Mon. 11.16

Tues. 11.17

Weds. 11.18

Thurs. 11.19

Fri. 11.20

Class: Poem of the Day (Day 1 of Poetry Unit): "Alice at Seventeen: Like a Blind Child"



HW: Have Chs. 16-19 read with D-Journals completed. Collected Mon.

(6th Pd. has begun this. 1st & 6th will have completed this: Begin perusing the POL site (link on Weds.)). By Tues. end of class, peruse 6 poems. (Have those be from different letters, please - i.e., not all from"A.) Use the "My Favorite Poems" tab and save at least TWO by end of class Tuesday. DROP the two titles in a Dropbox in SS by end of class Tues. These will form a collection from which you will choose ONE to memorize and recite.

HW: Defs 10.


Class: POL Day 3


HW: Do Assignment #1 for POL - "Getting at Meaning";

POETRY OUT LOUD: Choose your poem (s) to memorize on this site:

So the class will not have repeats, if two of you chose the same poem, I will lottery which one you have. The other - please chose another.and do "Getting at Meaning"

Also: begin to MEMORIZE YOUR POEM.


Sites to Get at Meaning:


Class: We listened to a Bob Dylan song, "My Back Pages." I can't legally post it. The version I used is not on Youtube, etc. Another version below is ok: study for Voc. 10. Also, witth the lyrics on one of these blogs, read both blogs and think about the meaning of this song, after having answered the tow q's in class:

1. What do you think Dylan means by the refrain, "Ahh, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now"?


2. What is this song/poem about?


AFTER DOING THIS IN CLASS, READ THE TWO BLOGS ABOVE IN THE LINKS, THEN RE-ANSWER #2. (Did the blogs help your understanding of the song/poem?)


J-10: What is the best advice you have ever received?




November 23-24

Mon. 11.23

Tues. 11.24

Weds. 11.25

Thus. 11.26

Fri. 11.27

Class: We listened to "Love Minus Zer0/No Limit.

HW: Poetry Out Loud - PracticeMemorize your poems! Also: Hand write your poem. Skip lines between lines. In between, comment on each line: it's meaning, message, literary devices, etc. In red pen, write directions for how you plan to deliver your poem.

Class: We listened to "I Blew It Off" and answered Q's (copy on SS.) Here's video of song/poem:


There are 5 questions for this poem/song on SS.

Turn this in if absent.


HW: NO Vocab this week!

NO other HW (other than memorize your poem! Also, the POL site seems to be down. If you were unable to access it to do last night's HW - you have an extention. You may turn it in on 11.30.)

HW: None


No School

November 30-Dec. 4

Mon. 11.30

Tues. 12.1

Weds. 12.2

Thurs. 12.3

Fri. 12.4




1st Pd:..................6th Pd.:

1. Chase......................1. George

2. Dan.........................2. Carson

3. Tommy....................3. John

4. Juan.........................4. Virginia

5. Ben..........................5. Kameron

6. Milena......................6. Logan C.

7. Megan.....................7. Evan

8. Naomi .................8. Dimitrius

9. Katie................9.Molly F.

10. Mano...................10.Logan G.



HW: Defs 11. Memorize your poems!


1st Pd:..................6th Pd.:

1. Jon.......................1. Michael

2. Kyle.....................2. Noah

3. Rujul...................3. Ellery

4. Sumner...............4. Emily

5. James.....................5. Albert

6. Matt.............6. Micahiah
7. Morgan.........7. Allie
8. Jessica...........8. Ryan
9. Keegan..........9. Joe
10. Aala..............10. Victor

HW: Memorize your poems!

Class: Benchmark test

HW: Study for Defs 11 Quiz.

Memorize your poems!

J-11: "Finish this statement:

'I wish someone had told me that...'"

Class: POL


1. Peyton...........1. Talia
2. Aleena............2. Hannah

3. Erika......................3. Molly W.

4. Taylor....................4. Isabella

5. Pranav...................5. Taylor

6. Kevin....................6. David

7. Nikki

8. Shirley

9. Johanna

December 7-11

Mon. 12.7

Tues. 12.8

Weds. 12.9

Thurs. 12.10

Fri. 12.11


HW: Defs 12


 HW: Also, study for Voc. 12 Quiz. There’s a Quia.



December 14-8

Mon. 12.14

Tues. 12.15

Weds. 12.16

Thurs. 12.17

Fri. 12.18



HW: Defs 13 due. 



Quiz 13

J-13: What is the meaning of "He who laughs last laughs best"? Have you had an incident in your life when you experienced the truth of the statement? (If you are not sure what this saying means, look it up first.)












January 2-6

Mon. 1.2

Tues. 1.3

Weds. 1.4

Thurs. 1.5

Fri. 1.6


HW: Also, Voc. 14 defs.


HW: study for Voc. 14 Quiz. 

J-14: “The most serious problem in society is....”

January 9-13

Mon. 1.9

Tues. 1.10

Weds. 1.11

Thurs. 1.12

Fri. 1.13

HW: In your new book, read the Prologue to the Wife of Bath's Tale (p. 105-6, lines 455-86) and fill out the chart.

HW: Defs 15

HW: 2nd Pd.: read lines 128-158 (the Midas tale. Summarize what this tale is; explain the moral of the story.


HW: Study for Voc. 15 Quiz.  Quia above!



J-15: “Compare the person you are and the person you would like to be.”

HW: Journals 9-15 due next Tues. 1.18. Entries 9-15 for Quest grade (25%.) You may do Prompt 13 (we had no Quiz 13) for Extra Credit - but it is not required. What is required: 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15 (six total.)


January 1.16

Tues. 1.17

Weds. 1.18

Thurs. 1.19

Fri. 1.20 





Begin reviewing for the Mid-term Exam.  One part is Vocab. Lessons 9-15 will be on the exam. Use the Quias from past weeks.  You do  need to realize that you are responsible for going back to the Quias for Vocab 9-15 because any of the 70 words can be on the Midterm.  

January 23-27

Mon. 1.23

Tues. 1.24

Weds. 1.25

Thurs. 1.26

Fri. 1.27

Exam review DAY 2.

MIDTERM EXAMS: 8:45-10:30 1st Pd.

11:15-1:00 2nd Pd.

MIDTERM EXAM: 8:45-10:30 3rd Pd.

11:15-1:00 4th Pd.

MIDTERM EXAMS: 8:45-10:30 6th Pd.

11:15-1:00 7th Pd.

MIDTERM EXAM: 8:45-10:30 5th  Pd.

Jan. 30-1 to February 3

Tues. 1.31

Weds. 2.1

Thurs. 2.2

Fri. 2.3

HW: Defs 16


HW: none

HW: Study Defs 16. Here's Quia:

Vocab 16

J-16: “It’s Feb. 3, 2012.  What are some things (or at least one thing) that you are happy about or have/has gone well or better than expected this school year? Explain in detail."


February 6-10

Mon. 2.6

Tues. 2.7

Weds. 2.8

Thurs. 2.9

Fri. 2.10




HW: Study Defs 17. Here's Quia:

Vocab 17

J-17: “If your house were on fire, and you could take only one thing out with you to save, what would it be – and why?”


February 13-17

Mon. 2.13

Tues. 2.14

Wedss. 2.15

Thurs. 2.16

Fri. 2.17


HW: Defs 18


Quia for Defs 18:


J-18: “What is a surprising talent you discovered you had? Explain how & when you discovered it. How have you developed it? If not, why not?"


You can locate your sonnet from this site: Shakespeare's Sonnets


No-Sweat Shakespeare

This site above can help you paraphrase your sonnet.

Add the accents (U and / ) in the right places to Sonnet 29 to denote iambic pentameter. (The accents stand for UNSTRESSED and STRESSED syllables.) Also, add the rhyme scheme (ABCD, etc.)


February 20-4

Mon. 2.20

Tues. 2.21

Weds. 2.22

Thurs. 2.23

Fri. Feb. 24


Defs. 19

E-Notes: Side-by-Side Macbeth and Modern Translation

HW: Study for Vocab 19 Quiz

  Here's Quia:



J-19: “Use your imagination and these 4 random words to create a story. You may repeat them, but you may not omit any of them: kite, infinite, pillow, foreboding.”

Feb 27-March 2

Mon. 2.27

Tues. 2.28

Weds. 2.29

Thurs. 3.1

Fri. 3.2

HW: Vocab 20 Defs

E-Notes: Side-by-Side Macbeth and Modern Translation


HW: Study for Vocab Quiz 20. Here's Quia:


J-20: “Describe an old person you know or have known. What was this person like in appearance, behavior, personality, occupation – and how did s/he affect you?




March 5-9

Mon. 3.5

Tues. 3.6

Weds. 3.7

Thurs. 3.8

Fri. 3.9


2nd Pd.: Class: go to No Fear Shakespeare/Macbeth

and read Act 1:Sc1.

HW: Defs 21

NOTE: 2nd Pd meets in the Commons tomorrow.




Use the PPT on SchoolSpace ("Macbeth PPT") and this site to read and answer q's on the worksheets Here's the link to the play to read:



Study for Vocab 21

J-21: “Write about the most important  decision you ever made.” Here's a Quia to study . Quest on Act 1 on Tuesday.

March 12-16

Mon. 3.12

Tues. 3.13

Weds. 3.14

Thurs. 3.15

Fri. 3.16



HW: Study for Defs 22 Quiz.

Here's Quia:

J-22: What incident do you remember most about your early childhood (pre-four years old?) What does that reveal about you?”   


Review your notes for Macbeth Act II Quest. Here's a Quia - but remember: the Quest will not be exactly like the Quia.


March 19-23

Mon. 3.19

Tues. 3.20

Weds. 3.21

Thurs. 3.22

Fri. 3.23


HW: Defs 23.


HW: Study for Quiz 23 Here's Quia:

J-23:“Describe something new you have at one time experienced.  It can be a new house, experience, friend, place, or idea.”








creating a note card for each word on 16-23. On one side, the word, the other - part of speech, definition, and original sentence.

study for a Quest on Act III. Here's a Quia:







Mar. 26-30

Mon. 3.26

Tues. 3.27

Weds. 3.28

Thurs. 3.29

Fri. 3.30


HW: Defs 24

HW: Review for Vocab Cume on 16-23

J-24: “If you were a season, what season would you be? Why? Why is your personality like that season? (Don't pick a season because you like that season, but because you're like that season.)

Review for Quest on Act IV. Use Notes & Quia:





April 2-6

Mon. 4.2

Tues. 4.3

Weds. 4.4

Thurs. 4.5

Fri. 4.6





Design a T-Shirt with your group. It must have on the front side: Shakespeare showcased; on the back, the play Macbeth and a particular character highlighted. Each group member has a task: 1) Historian is responsible for research. The front of the T should have an image and at least 3 significant facts about Shakespeare; the back should have an image and 3 significant things about Macbeth and your particular character. You may use your own images (which is probably better than the stock images in the program.) 2) Artist is responsible for the artwork of the T. On the FRONT, there should be an image or images (pictures) of Shakespeare or something representative of him AND 3 facts/text from the historian about him. There should be 3 facts about Macbeth the play and your character the historian finds - and an image from Macbeth on the BACK. The Artist is responsible for the look of your T. Both of you are responsible for the overall design and placement on the website, as well as being responsible for cuttting and pasting front and back using the snipping tools, and for troubleshooting web issues and managing time so assignment completed by the end of class.Drop the FRONT as a separate image and the BACK with all three names in the tile of your product in the Drop-Box on School space ("T's"). GRADE IS QUIZ CATEGORY. Grade based on creativity, content, and overall quality.



No School

April 16-20

Mon. 4.16

Tues. 4.17

Weds. 4.18

Thurs. 4.19

Fri. 4.20


HW: Defs 25



HW: Complete "Found Poem" from Macbeth. Also: study for Macbeth Acts IV & V Quest. Here's Quia:



Class: Go to SchoolSpace for the PPT on analyzing a poem.


Website "A Poem a Day":

Study for Quiz 25 Quia:


Write the 1st page of your best friend's autobiography (sic.)


Write the first page of your novel.

The body language of a person — movements, posture, facial expressions — can provide all sorts of information about that person's mood, attitude, and personality. Think of a teacher you have had at Godwin and write an essay in which you describe that person’s body language. Be sure to indicate what information the body language conveys about the person and to include specific examples of how body language reflects the person’s personality.


April 23-27

Mon. 4.23

Tues. 4.24

Weds. 4.25

Thurs. 4.26

Fri. 4.27

HW: None




HW: Defs 26



HW: study for Quiz 26 Quia:


J-26: “In your opinion, what is the best and worst car (or - if you prefer - the best/worst movie) ever? Why?”

Think of an object that you have in your home. Without revealing what the item is, write an essay describing it in detail. How does the item look, sound, feel, and smell? Be specific enough that someone could walk into your house and identify the item based on your description.

April 30-May 4

Mon. 4.30

Tues. 5.1

Weds. 5.2

Thurs. 5.3

Fri. 5.4

HW: None (Have pictures for Project if you didn't have them today!)

HW: Defs 27


HW: Study for Defs 27 Quiz. Quia:


J-27: The local paper is sponsoring a story contest with a cash prize for the winner. The only guideline is that the story must be called "The Secret in the Old Library," and the story needs to explain the title. Exactly what is the secret? Why is it important? Write your own "The Secret in the Old Library" story for the newspaper contest. Remember to use descriptive details to illustrate the significance of the title.

HW: have all aspects of project materials in class. Photo Essay due 5.10. There will be NO class time - only YOUR time - to complete it. IT MUST BE PUBLISHED ON YOUR HARD DRIVE AND FLASH DRIVE.


May 7-11

Mon. 5.7

Tues. 5.8

Weds. 5.9

Thurs. 5.10

Fri. 5.11

Class: Elements of Romanticism & DPS


HW: none

Class: Elements of Romanticism & DPS (Movie?)

HW: Defs 28.


Class: Elements of Romanticism & DPS MOVIE

CLASS: Movie

Photo Essays due.


HW: Study for Defs 28, Quia:


Class: Quiz 28



Have you ever done a job or performed a task (either as "work" or "play") at 110%? Describe the last time you gave a task your all. What was it? What did it feel like? What did you learn?



Elements of Romanticism & Poetry Chart.

May 14-18

Mon. 5.14

Tues. 5.15

Weds. 5.16

Thurs. 5.17

Fri. 5.18

Class: Review Poetry Chart & Write Conceit


HW: Second to LAST vocab of the year: Defs. 29. NOTE: DUE TUESDAY THIS WEEK!!!




Class: finish movie? (2nd Per.)

HW (2nd Pd.)


HW: Study for Voc. 29, Here's Quia:


NO 5th Pd.



HW: Study for Voc. 29, Here's Quia:


Class: NO 2nd Pd today. 5th: FIRST INSTALLMENT OF "King's Speech."


Class: J-29:

What one person finds attractive is not necessarily going to be to everyone else's taste. Write an essay describing something that you think is beautiful. Be as specific as possible in describing it and why you think it's beautiful.




May 21-5

Mon. 5.21

Tues. 5.22

Weds. 5.23

Thurs. 5.24

Fri. 5.25

Class: 5th: Quiz 29. "King's Speech"



5TH pd. : Photo Essays shown.




2nd Pd.: Take Quiz 30 finish "King's"; show photo essays;

5th: show photo essays.



Class: 5th Pd.:




May 28-June 1

Mon. 5.28

Tues. 5.29

Weds. 30

Thurs. 5.31

Fri. 6.1


Class: finish photo essays

No HW! (No new Vocab this week.)



If your section goes:

Mr. Martin's Photo Show


Extra credit for Photo Show: write a 100-word (or more) review of the top five photographs. Write it in a "fifth best to best" list. You will need to pay attention to the show and watch with a notepad. Include the names of the photographers and descriptions of the photos. Include why you think each merits a "best" ranking - as well as why your #1 choice is "THE BEST" in your opinion. You may write about the music, the audience - or anything else involved in the photos you choose. You must write at least two sentences about each photograph. FAILURE TO FOLLOW ALL OF THESE DIRECTIONS WILL RESULT IN NO EXTRA CREDIT. Due Thursday, word-processed & printed BEFORE CLASS BEGINS (NOT drop-boxed.) Counts as Quiz grade THAT CAN BE SUBSTITUTED FOR A LOW QUIZ GRADE.



HW: BRING completed JOURNALS 25-29 IN tomorrow.




HW: Review for Vocab Cume Section on the Final Exam: Lessons 16-29.


The Final Exam will have vocab words taken from lessons 16-29. The words will be (almost) all of the ones on the following PPTs. It would be wise to study the Quias for those lessons, too. The format will be like the Mid-Term – groups of five words matching to five definitions.





June 4-8

Mon. June 4 Tues. June 5 Weds. June 6 Thurs. June 7 Fri. June 8
    Senior English Exam 8:45-10:30. Location TBA    










Mon. 6.22

Tues. 6.24

Weds. 6.24

Thurs. 6.26

Fri. 6.27

Class: here’s a sample paper we will look at:


Review for AWAA 1-4 Quest:

AWAA Chs. 1-4

English 11C Review of Introduction and Collection 1

June 30-July 3

Mon. 6.30

Tues. 7.1

Weds. 7.2

Thurs. 7.3

July 7-10

Review for Vocab. Lessons 1-11:

11C Vocabulary Lesson 1

11C Lesson #2

11C Vocabulary Lesson #3

11C Vocab Lesson #4

11C Vocabulary Lesson #5

11C Vocabulary Lesson #6

11C Vocabulary Lesson #7

11C Vocab 8

11C Vocabulary Lesson #9

11C Vocabulary Lesson #10

11C Vocabulary Lesson #11

The Hero's Journey Resource Page

Hero's Journey Defined

English 11C Review of Introduction and Collections 1, 2 and 3

July 14-17

Also, here’s the site for parenthetical citations:

Vocab #14

11C Lesson #16

July 21-24

HW: Work on your Podcast! Here are two sites for the Podcast.  The first is great for copyright free music:

The second is great for free sound effects:


Also, Journals due in two weeks.

Finish all journal entries!

How to do Source Cards:

July 28-31

Go to this site for a Practice SOL test:

11C Vocabulary Lesson #12

11C Vocabulary Lesson #13

11C Voc. 14

11C Vocab. 15

11C Vocab Lesson #16

11C Vocab Lesson #17

11C Vocabulary Lesson #18

11C Vocabulary Lesson #19

11C Vocabulary Lesson #20

11C Vocabulary Lesson #21

11C Vocabulary Lesson #22

English 11C Review of Introduction and Collections 1, 2 and 3

AWAA Final Test Study Guide 06-07