Mr. Wozny


Collage Instructions


Purpose: First, this is an ďicebreakerĒ.  Itís something fun but still involves communication, which is part of what English class is all about.  Second, itís a way for me and others to get to know you.  And probably most importantly, this topic is one that is well worth thinking about to begin the year Ė What is your dream? 


Topic: What is your dream?  Do you have something you want to accomplish, a goal you want to achieve?  This may be making the basketball team or becoming a professional basketball player!  It may be learning to play the guitar or getting a recording contract.  It may be getting into U.Va. or just graduating and traveling across America, getting a job, or becoming a Marine!   Whatever your dream, what Iím asking you to do is to create a collage about it!


Instructions: Use a piece of construction paper or something like that.  I used a piece of hard stock paper, 10 inches X 13 inches.  You could use a larger piece, but donít make it smaller than 8.5ĒX 11Ē.  (A poster type paper is fine; just remember that if itís larger, you probably will need more pictures.)  Then, use the Internet to go to Yahoo or Google images.  Choose ones you think express your dream.  Attach the pictures in a creative way (I used a glue stick).  Experiment with different ways to arrange the pictures.  With mine, I used a decoupage finish to seal it Ė but you arenít required to do so.


Details:  It took me a few hours to do this Ė but I was aware I was doing an example, and you all are faster with the ĎNet than me!  I used about 30 images.  That was a lot; you need not use that many!  I will say that 10 is a good minimum, but you may find once you start, itís hard to stop!  You may have two nights to complete this, but it surely can be done in one sitting.  Donít wait Ďtil the last minute Ďcause youíll have homework tomorrow night, too.



I donít have a dream.

Really?  Everyone has one.  Yours might have gotten lost along the way.  What was your last one?  What might be one?  Make up one!


I donít have an Internet connection/a computer at home.

No problem.  You may use the libraryís.  You may use magazines.  You may even draw your collage. 


Iím not creative.  I donít know how to do this.

Just do it.  Give it a shot.  How do you know youíre not creative?  Itís not like youíve lived fifty years and know this.  I donít remember making a collage ever, and I did a pretty good one.  In terms of how to do it, think how youíd express your dream in pictures.


How will this be graded?

Overall, I am looking for several categories.  First, you must have a minimum of 10 pictures mounted on at least an 8.5Ēx11Ē backing.  (More pictures donít necessarily mean a better grade.)  Second, I will be looking for the attractiveness of the collage.  Neatness counts, too.  I will finally be looking at the expression of the dream.  Is it expressed creatively?  Effort will also go into the factoring of a grade.  Because this isnít a ďright/wrong answerĒ assignment, I canít be more specific than this.  But if you do the three categories well, itís probably an A piece.  This will count as a double homework grade.