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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there extensions on all of the filenames?

The extensions tell the computer what type of application will be needed to view the file. The following are frequently used extensions within this site.

  • DOC - Microsoft Word file
  • GSP - Geometer's Sketchpad file
  • PDF - Adobe Acrobat file
  • PPT - PowerPoint file
  • URL - Web site
  • ZIP - Compressed file

What do the abbreviations in the filenames mean?

A naming convention has been used to help students and teachers identify the contents of a file. The following are frequently used extensions within this site.

  • WU - Warm-up Activity
  • CW - Classwork Assignment
  • HW - Homework Assignment
  • PWS - Practice Worksheet from the Glencoe textbook (opens with Adobe Acrobat)
  • SG - Study Guide Worksheet from the Glencoe textbook (opens with Adobe Acrobat)

How do I set up my browser to automatically view documents?

Depending on your browser, you will need to do this through your browser's preferences.


Who developed this site?

This site was created during the summer of 2003 by the Algebra I curriculum writing committee. The committee members were: Skip Tyler (chairperson, content specialist, webmaster), Wendy Gavin (content specialist), Vicki Hiner (content specialist), Nicole Kessinger (content specialist), and Erica Lanzo (content specialist). Since then, the site has been reviewed and updated by Skip Tyler, Wendy Gavin, Anthony Green, Jessica Meade, and Carolyn Rutman.


What's new this year?


2009: Geogebra applets were added throughout the website to provide discovery opportunities for teachers and students.

2008: Movies were placed throughout the website to assist in instruction.

2007: The ExamView assessments were modified and created to align with the specific lessons.  ExamView banks were combined and organized by SOL and will be made available to teachers. The remainder of the PowerPoint notes was updated with SOL multiple choice questions. Worksheets were created to teach and demonstrate how to use the Casio graphing calculator with many different algebraic concepts.

2006: ExamView assessments (study guides) have been included in each lesson to give students extra practice. An SOL Review Materials page has been added that gathers many materials, worksheets, assessments, etc. in an easy to read table format. Some of the PowerPoint notes have been updated with multiple choice SOL questions.

2005: The web site has been overhauled and given a new look! Files have been converted to Word and PDF format to support multiple formats. Journals have been added into each lesson. ExamView test banks and worksheets have been developed.

2004: More content has been added - including games, module reviews and SOL worksheets in the review sections! Microsoft Word files can be found on the CD for many of the .pdf files to allow teachers the opportunity to edit and personalize those worksheets. Please remember to share if you come across lessons or activities that are good! Thanks!



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