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Number and Number Sense

Computation and Estimation

Measurement and Geometry

Probability, Statistics, Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

SOL Review Materials
Number and Number Sense
Focus: Relationships among Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

The student will
a)   investigate and describe fractions, decimals, and percents as ratios; and
b)   identify a given fraction, decimal, or percent from a representation. 
Essential Knowledge and Skills
  • Identify the decimal and percent equivalents for  numbers written in fraction form including repeating decimals.
  • Represent fractions, decimals, and percents on a number line.
  • Describe orally and in writing the equivalent relationships among decimals, percents, and fractions that have denominators that are factors of 100.
  • Represent, by shading a grid, a fraction, decimal, and percent.
  • Represent in fraction, decimal, and percent form a given shaded region of a grid.
Essential Understandings
  • What is the relationship among fractions, decimals and percents? Fractions, decimals, and percents are three different ways to express the same number.  A ratio can be written using fraction form (2/3), a colon (2:3), or the word to (2 to 3).  Any number that can be written as a fraction can be expressed as a terminating or repeating decimal or a percent. 
Vertical Articulation
  1. SOL 4.2c - identify division statement that represents a fraction
  2. SOL 5.2a - recognize/name fractions in their equivalent decimal form and vice versa
Instructional Materials
  1. VDOE Enhanced Scope and Sequence Lesson: Rational Speed Matching - Number and Number Sense (PDF) - Investigating rational numbers in percent, decimal, and fractional forms (Word)
  2. Notes: Fractions, Decimals, Percents (flipchart) - 21 slides with notes and practice converting
  3. Notes: Representing Fractions, Decimals, and Percents (flipchart) - 10 slides practice showing representations on a grid
  4. Notes: Fractions, Decimals, Percents (ppt) - 65 slides of notes, practice problems, interactive websites, warm ups
  5. Notes: Fractional Parts of Objects (doc)
  6. Activity: Building Towers Game - Convert fractions to decimals (pdf)
  7. Activity: Around the World - Connections between fractions, decimals, percents (pdf)
  8. Activity: Who Has 100 Things? - Connections between fractions, decimals, percents (pdf)
  9. Activity: Museum Walk - Connections between fractions, decimals, percents (pdf)
  10. Activity: Fraction Strips - Create fraction manipulatives (pdf)
  11. Activity: Fractions, Decimals, Percents Jeopardy (ppt)
  12. Activity: Fractions, Decimals, Percents (flipchart) - students work with a partner to answer questions and check with the QR codes
  13. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Comparing and Ordering (pdf)
  14. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Working with Fractions (pdf)
  15. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Working with Percents (pdf)
  16. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Working with Ratios and Proportions (pdf)
Real World Lessons
  1. Mathalicious: From the Line - If two basketball players shoot a different number of foul shots, how do we decide who did better?
  1. Activities: Fractions, Decimal, Percents, Oh My! (flipchart) - several activities  to practice fractions, decimals, percents
  2. Worksheet: Chart, Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Relationships (pdf) - 3 pages with modeling and converting fractions, decimals and percents
  3. Worksheet: Fraction, Decimal, Percent Representations (doc) - 10 questions filling in the chart to represent modeling and converting fractions, decimals and percents
  4. Worksheet: Converting Fractions, Decimals, Percents, and Ratios Practice (pdf) - 10 questions converting fractions, decimals and percents (no models)
  5. Worksheet: Shading Fractions (doc) - 6 questions modeling fractions on a grid
SOL Mini Quiz
  1. SOL 6.2ab Mini Quiz: Representations of Fractions (pdf)
  1. YouTube: Fractions, Decimals, Percents
  2. YouTube: Number Sense - Compare and Order Fractions, Decimals and Percents
  3. PH: Writing a fraction as a terminating decimal
  4. PH: Writing a fraction as a repeating decimal
  5. PH: Finding equivalent fractions
  6. PH: Writing decimals as percents
  7. PH: Writing fractions as percents
Explore Learning
  1. Part:Part and Part:Whole Ratios: Compare a ratio represented by an area with its percent, fraction, and decimal forms.
  2. Percents and Proportions: Find a part from the percent and whole, a percent from the part and whole, or a whole from the part and percent using a graphic model.
  3. Polling: Neighborhood: Conduct a phone poll of citizens in a small neighborhood to determine their response to a yes-or-no question. Use the results to estimate the sentiment of the entire population. Investigate how the error of this estimate becomes smaller as more people are polled. Compare random versus non-random sampling.
  4. Ordering Percents, Fractions and Decimals: Compare and order numbers represented as percents, fractions, and decimals using area grids and a number line.
  5. Ordering Percents, Fractions and Decimals Greater Than 1: Compare and order numbers greater than 1 using area grids and a number line. Examine the numbers represented as percents, improper fractions, and decimals.
  1. Shodor: Converter: fractions to decimals, decimals to fractions
  2. Shodor: Fraction Four Game: fractions to decimals, fractions to percent
  3. NLVM: Percentages: relationship between fractions decimals (Use Internet Explorer)
  4. NLVM: Percent Grids (Use Internet Explorer)
  5. NLVM: Comparing Fractions (Use Internet Explorer)
  6. Illuminations: Fraction Models
  7. Math Is Fun: Decimals, Fractions, Percentages
  8. Math Goodies: The Meaning of Percent
  9. BrainGenie: Percents, Decimals, and Fractions
  10. BrainGenie: Finding Percents, Parts, and Wholes
VDOE Interventions
  1. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Working with Fractions - The lessons focus on fraction computation, factors, and multistep practical problems with fractions. Students are expected to model multiple representations of the multiplication and division of fractions. (pdf)
  2. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Exploring Decimals - The lessons focus on identifying place values, rounding decimals through hundredths, and performing operations of decimals and writing and solving problems with decimals.(pdf)
  3. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Working With Percents - The lessons in this section focus on relating percents to decimals and fractions, comparing and ordering, solving multistep practical problems and determining the percent of increase or decrease for a give situation. (pdf)
  4. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Working with Ratios and Proportions - (SOL 6.2a) The lessons focus on the meaning of ratios and proportions. Students practice writing ratios and build on their knowledge of ratios to work with proportions. Using proportional reasoning to solve practical problems is a common element in this section. (pdf)
  5. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Comparing and Ordering - The lessons focus on comparing and ordering fractions, decimals, percents and numbers written in scientific notation. (pdf)
Common Core Standards