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Number and Number Sense

Computation and Estimation

Measurement and Geometry

Probability, Statistics, Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

SOL Review Materials
Computation and Estimation
Focus: Applications of Operations with Rational Numbers

The student will solve single-step and multistep practical problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals. 
Essential Knowledge and Skills
  • Solve single-step and multistep practical problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with decimals expressed to thousandths with no more than two operations.
Essential Understandings
  • What is the role of estimation in solving problems? Estimation gives a reasonable solution to a problem when an exact answer is not required. If an exact answer is required, estimation allows you to know if the calculated answer is reasonable.
Vertical Articulation
  1. SOL 4.4d - solve single-step and multistep add/sub/mult problems with whole numbers
  2. SOL 5.4 - create/solve single-/multistep practical problems involving add/sub/mult/div of whole numbers
  3. SOL 8.3ab - a) solve practical problems involving rational numbers, percent, ratios, and prop; b) determine percent inc/dec
Instructional Materials
  1. VDOE Enhanced Scope and Sequence Lesson: Practical Problems Involving Decimals (PDF) - Solving practical problems involving decimals (Word)
  2. Notes: Fraction and Decimal Word Problems (flipchart) - (26 slides) including interactive video, practice word problems
  3. Activity: Decimal Word Problem Scavenger Hunt with QR Codes (doc)
  4. Activity: Stations- Decimal Review with QR Codes (doc) - 4 word problems using QR codes
  5. Activity: Stations - Decimals (doc) - 4 stations practicing decimals (includes QR code answers)
  6. Activity: 12 Days Before Break (flipchart) - 12 interactive practice problems
  7. Game: Snakes and Ladders Estimation and Computation (flipchart) - 21 multiple choice practice problems
  8. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Exploring Decimals (pdf)
Real World Lessons
  1. Dan Meyer: Partial Product - What's the total grocery bill?
  1. Worksheet: Decimal Operations Word Problems (doc) - 1/2 sheet of 5 practice word problems
  2. Worksheet: Representations of Numbers (doc) - 2 problems representing a number multiple ways
  3. Worksheet: Which Pair? Number Operations (doc) - 4 questions making connections between decimals
  4. Worksheet: Decimal Word Problems (doc) - 10 decimal word problems
  5. Activity: The Game of Life! (flipchart) - Students choose 5 word problems from the flipchart to find their final answer on the student worksheet.
  6. Project:  Budgeting with Decimals (doc)
SOL Mini Quiz
  1. SOL 6.7 Mini Quiz: Decimal Operations (pdf)
  1. Mathematics Assessment Project: E03:A Day Out - Expert - In this task, you must analyze the results of a survey in order to plan a school trip.
  1. Operations with Decimals (mp4)
  2. YouTube: Word Problems
Explore Learning
  1. Multiplying Decimals (Area Model): Model the product of two decimals by finding the area of a rectangle. Estimate the area of the rectangle first. Then break the rectangle into several pieces and find the area of each piece (partial product). Add these areas together to find the whole area (product).
  2. Multiplying with Decimals: Multiply two decimals using a dynamic area model. On a grid, shade the region with width equal to one of the decimals and height equal to the other decimal and find the area of the region.
  3. Sums and Differences with Decimals: Find the sum or difference of two decimal numbers using area models. Find the decimals and their sum or difference on a number line.
  1. BrainGenie: Decimal Word Problems
VDOE Interventions
  1. VDOE Algebra Readiness Curriculum Companion: Exploring Decimals - The lessons focus on identifying place values, rounding decimals through hundredths, and performing operations of decimals and writing and solving problems with decimals. (pdf)
Common Core Standards