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2014 Math Olympics
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2014 Math Olympics!

Have you ever thought about competing against other math classes to check out your math understanding and comprehension? You have? Well, great! You are in the right place! During the 2014 Winter Olympics, there will be math questions related to 17 different Olympic topics. For each event, a link provides related background information and videos that will help you solve problems about that event.

There are two ways to play. You can answer one Olympic Challenge question or answer all three Medal Questions. All of your classmates' scores will be averaged together and submitted to the judges by your teacher. Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be given out to the highest performing teams (classes) of each event. By the end of the Olympic Games, you will learn something about the Olympics and hopefully learn something about math! The medal count will be shown on the Medal links above for bragging rights. The top teams get prizes, goodies, or a lifetime supply of oxygen.

You can use these resources four different ways:

    1. Compete against other classes by completing the "Olympic Challenge" problem.
    2. Compete against other classes by completing all three of the "Medal Questions".
    3. Incorporate these problems in your lesson plans as you see fit.
    4. Close your browser window and pretend like you never saw these materials.

January 28 - February 23, 2014