Henrico County Public Schools

C.a.R.(Compass and Ruler),

is a program that simulates school geometry constructions. This freeware program uses Java, and runs on almost any modern platform. The author is Rene Grothmann. Click here to visit the official homepage.

1. Basics: Learn to use some of the basic C.a.R. construction tools.

2. Practice: Learn to use C.a.R. tools and geometric concepts.

3. Assignments: Work online and have your work checked.

4. Animations: These are either an animation that start/stop or view step-by-step of a construction.

5. Problems: Use your geometry skills to solve interesting problems.

6. Transformations: Explore tessellations, reflections, rotations, and perspective drawings.

7. Circles: Explore properties of chords and angles in circles.

8. Percent: Use a proportion slider to solve percent problems.

9. Trigonometry: Use your geometry skills to solve interesting problems.

10. Functions: Explore function in similar formats. a(x - h)2 + k, a|x - h| + k.

11. Middle: Explore middle school SOL topics.

1. Basics

2. Practice

3. Assignments

4. Animations

5. Problems

6. Transformations

7. Circles

8. Percent

9. Trigonometry

10. Functions

11. Middle

C.a.R. Help