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  1. Central Tendency Notes
  2. Complex Numbers
  3. Distance Formula
  4. Graph A Segment
  5. Graphing Absolute Value Equations
  6. Graphing Conic Sections
  7. Graphing Conics and Conic Systems
  8. Graphing, Factoring, and Solving Polynomial Functions
  9. Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities
  10. Graphing: Setting Windows for Graphing
  11. Graphing: Using Tables
  12. Least Squares Regression Line
  13. Line of Best Fit
  14. Matrices
  15. Matrix Addition/Subtraction and Scalar Multiplication
  16. Scatter Plots
  17. Scatterplots (Predictions)
  18. Sigma Notation
  19. Simplifying Numbers with Rational Exponents
  20. Slope of a line, with two identified points, using the Stat Menu
  21. Solving Absolute Value Equations by Graphing
  22. Solving First Degree Equations
  23. Solving Multistep Equations
  24. Solving Quadratic Equations
  25. Solving Radical Equations by Graphing
  26. Solving Rational Equations by Graphing
  27. Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing
  28. Solving Systems of Equations by Equation Solver
  29. Solving Systems of Inequalities


  1. eActivity: Composition of Functions
  2. eActivity: Complex Numbers
  3. eActivity: Exponential Functions And Their Inverses
  4. eActivity: Fractions
  5. eActivity: Polynomial Functions
  6. eActivity: Quadratics
  7. eActivity: Transformations of Parabolas
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