Investigating Linear Systems in Slope-Intercept Form

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  1. Use the sliders and graph the equations to find and write the solution(s) of the following linear systems:
    a.) y = 2x + 4 and y = 5x - 2
    b.) y = 4 and y = -6x - 2
    c.) y = 7x + 4 and y = x - 2
    d.) y = 2x - 4 and y = 2x + 8
    e.) y = -.2x + 1 and 5x + 6
  2. What do you notice about the answer for question 1d? Is there a solution? If not, explain why there is no solution.
  3. What do you notice about the graphs in question 1e? Look at them and try to find a geometric relationship.
  4. Put the slopes in question 1e in fraction form. Find a relationship between the slopes. Explain why these slopes would produce such a system.

EPankowski, 4/10/2007, Created with GeoGebra Updated by S.H. Lapinski

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