Graphing Linear Equations (WS 1)

  1. Copy down the following linear equations on a sheet of paper. Calculate the y-values for the x-values -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 for each equation. Hint: Create a table to do so.
    (a) y = 2 x          (b) y = -0.5 x          (c) y = x + 2          (d) y = -0.5 x - 2 

  2. Use the dynamic figure below to check your results.
    (a) Draw your ordered pairs (x, y) as points on the drawing pad. 
    (b) Describe what is special about the position of your points relative to each other. Write down your assumption.
    (c) Check your assumption by typing in the linear equation into the input field below the drawing pad. Hit the Enter key when finished.
    Hint: Click button Tool "Move" and the little ellipse icon in the upper right corner to reset the drawing pad.
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