Discovering the Meaning of y-Intercept (WS 5)

Below you can see a linear equation and its graphical representation as a line. 

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Note: Write down all your answers on a sheet of paper.
  1. Examine the line.
    (a) Explain what is different compared to the line in the previous dynamic constructions.  
    (b) Have a look at the equation of the line. Again, describe what is different compared to the equation in the previous examples. 
  2. Point B marks the intersection point between the line and the y-axis. 
    (a) Move point B along the y-axis and describe how the position of the line changes.
    (b) Explain how the equation of the line is effected by dragging point B.
  3. Try to find a connection between the coordinates of point B and the equation of the line.
    (a) Write down your assumption.
    (b) Check your assumption for at least 3 different positions of point B and 2 different values of slider m.

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