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SOL Review Materials
The student will recognize the general shape of function (absolute value, square root, cube root, rational, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic) families and will convert between graphic and symbolic forms of functions. A transformational approach to graphing will be employed. Graphing calculators will be used as a tool to investigate the shapes and behaviors of these functions.
Essential Knowledge and Skills 
  • Recognize graphs of parent functions.
  • Given a transformation of a parent function, identify the graph of the transformed function.
  • Given the equation and using a transformational approach, graph a function.
  • Given the graph of a function, identify the parent function.
  • Given the graph of a function, identify the transformations that map the preimage to the image in order to determine the equation of the image.
  • Using a transformational approach, write the equation of a function given its graph.
Essential Understandings
  • The graphs/equations for a family of functions can be determined using a transformational approach.
  • Transformations of graphs include translations, reflections, and dilations.
  • A parent graph is an anchor graph from which other graphs are derived with transformations.
Vertical Articulation
  1. SOL A.6 - graph linear equations/linear inequalities ( in 2 variables) ‐ a) determine slope of line given equation of line/ graph of line or two points on line ‐ slope as rate of change; b) write equation of line given graph of line, two points on line or slope & point on line.
  2. SOL AFDA.2 - use transformations to write equations, given graph of function (linear/quad/exponential/log)
Instructional Materials
  1. VDOE ESS Lesson: Transformational Graphing - Functions (PDF) - Exploring transformational graphing (Word)
  2. Notes: Graphing Absolute Value Functions (flipchart)
Real World Lessons
  1. Worksheet: Function Family - Absolute Value (pdf)
  2. Worksheet: Graphing Absolute Value Functions (doc)
  1. Mathematics Assessment Project: A16:Sorting Functions - Apprentice - You are given four graphs, four equations, four tables, and four rules. Your task is to match each graph with an equation, a table and a rule.
Explore Learning
  1. Function Machines 2 (Functions, Tables, and Graphs) - Drop a number into a function machine, and see what number comes out! You can use one of the six pre-set function machines, or program your own function rule into one of the blank machines. Stack up to three function machines together. Input and output can be recorded in a table and on a graph.
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