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*** The IGO site is transitioning to the new Geometry Online! site that is aligned to the 2009 Virginia SOL. ***
The new website represents the increased rigor associated with the new standards.

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Geometry On-Line

is a faciliated online course that uses dynamic mathematics software to investigate geometric relationships. Students work independently on materials. They can interact with their teacher via emails, phone calls, or face-to face visits during regularly scheduled office hours.

Unit of Study Summary Pages
1. Fundamental Concepts: Objectives
2. Parallel and Intersecting Lines: Objectives
3. Polygon Properties: Objectives
4. Triangle Proofs: Objectives
5. Similarity: Objectives
6. Quadrilaterals: Objectives
Unit of Study Summary Pages
7. Right Triangles: Objectives
8. Circles: Objectives
9. Surface Area and Volume: Objectives
10. Coordinate Geometry: Objectives
11. Special Topics: Descriptions
12. Projects: Descriptions


Unit Titles

SOL Review

C.a.R. Flash Intro

C.a.R. tutorial by Tibor Marcinek at Central Michigan University

GeoGebra Flash Help



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