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Lesson 8-3: Inverse Trig Functions

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The student will be able to evaluate the general and principal solutions of inverse trig functions.

  1. In the graph, the red curve is a portion of y = sin(x), trace over the curve, thinking of the ordered pairs that make up this graph.
  2. The blue curve is the inverse of y = sin(x), trace over the curve, see that each ordered pair is the reverse of a corresponding point on the y = sin(x) curve.
  3. What line of symmetry lies between the two curves?
  4. See the "Hands-On Activities" section for Inverse Sine, Cosine and Tangent applets.

Interactive Math: Online notes and practive problems on evaluating inverse trig functions. Interactive Math
Trig Without Tears: Online notes and practive problems on principal values of inverse trig functions. Trig Without Tears

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Match the corresponding expressions; answers are all in degrees.

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