Lesson Materials

Lesson 11-2: Polar Curves


The student will be able to graph polar equations on the polar coordinate plane.

    Sort the Polar Equations
  1. Click once on a color, then click inside the equation's box to shade it.

      Color the
    • Circles - red
    • Cardioids - blue
    • Limacons - green
    • Roses - yellow
    • Spirals - purple
    • Lines - teal
  • After you have colored the equations, scroll down the center menu to "Equation Answer."
  • Click the "Load Image" button to see the answer!

Interactive Math: Online activities using Livemath to graph polar curves. Interactive Math
IES.COM: Online examples of graphing polar curves. IES.COM
MECCA: Online notes on graphing polar curves. MECCA

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