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These web pages are under development by Henrico County Public School (HCPS) mathematics teachers. The pages are reviewed and revised by teachers. Our goals are to make the pages easy to use, instructionally sound and to help students learn and remember their mathematics.

We create interactive, engaging, web pages that students will want to investigate and explore. Theses pages are different from a printed textbook by using java-based scripts, web sites, software program files and browser plug-ins.

This is a work in progress so you may see sections with some missing information. We thank the teachers in Henrico County Public Schools for contributing their ideas and materials for this site. Special thanks is given to the following people who put this site together.

  • Steven Lapinski, Mathematics Educational Specialist, HCPS
  • Pete Anderson, Teacher, Hermitage High School
  • Jim Guthrie, Teacher, Hermitage High School
  • Doug Ameigh, Teacher, Deep Run High School
  • Anthony Dove, Teacher, Deep Run High School
  • Kristine Chiodo, Teacher, Freeman High School