Grade 12 Study Maps


 Unit One - Historic Foundations
 Unit Two - Constitution

 Unit Three - Political Process

 Unit Four - Policy-Making Institutions  

 Unit Five - Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

 Unit Six - Comparative Government

 Unit Seven - State and Local Government



Grade 12 Study Maps

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Unit One - Historic Foundations

GOVT.2a -Development of Athenian democracy and the Roman Republic

GOVT.2b -Magna Carta, English Petition of Rights and English Bill of Rights

GOVT.2c - Writings of Hobbes, Locke and Montesquieu

GOVT.2d - Rights guaranteed Englishmen in the charters of the Virginia Company of London

GOVT.2e - Natural rights philosophies expressed in the Declaration of Independence


Grade 12 Study Maps

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Unit Two - The Constitution

GOVT.3a-e-Fundamental political concepts

GOVT.4a - Ratification debates and The Federalist

GOVT.4b -Purposes for government stated in the Preamble

GOVT.4c - Rule of law, consent of the governed, limited government, separation of powers and federalism

GOVT.4d - Structure of the national government

GOVT.4e -Amendment process

GOVT.5a, b, c, d-1 - Powers of the national government

GOVT.5a, b, c, d -2 -Powers shared and denied to state and national governments


Grade 12 Study Maps

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Unit Three The Political Process

GOVT.6a - Structure of political parties

GOVT.6b -Nomination and election process

GOVT.6c - Campaign funding and spending

GOVT.6d - The media and polls

GOVT.6e -Reapportionment and redistricting

GOVT.6f - Voting Amendments

GOVT.6g -Analyzing voter turnout

GOVT.9d - Influencing public policy


Grade 12 Study Maps

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Unit Four Policy Making Institution

GOVT.7a-1 - Legislative branch

GOVT.7a-2 - Executive branch

GOVT.7a-3 - United States court system

GOVT.7b-1 - Checks of the legislative branch

GOVT.7b-2 - Checks of the executive branch

GOVT.7b-3 - Checks of the judicial branch

GOVT.9a  - Perspectives on the role of government

GOVT.9b - Formulating public policy

GOVT.9c - Implementing public policy at each level of bureaucracy

GOVT.10a - Jurisdiction of the federal courts

GOVT.10b - John Marshall and Marbury v. Madison

GOVT.10c - Steps in deciding cases before the Supreme Court

GOVT.10d - Judicial activism and judicial restraint



Grade 12 Study Maps

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Unit Five Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

GOVT.11a-1 - Bill of Rights, Civil liberties, First Amendment Freedoms

GOVT.11a-2- Bill of Rights, Civil liberties, Rights of the Accused

GOVT.11b - Due Process of Law

GOVT.11c - Due Process enhances civil rights and limits states rights

GOVT.11d - Limitations on civil rights

GOVT.11e - Applications of the equal protection principle


Grade 12 Study Maps

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Unit Six Comparative Government

GOVT.12a-1 - The President and Foreign Policy

GOVT.12a-2- Foreign Policy powers of other branches

GOVT.12a-3- Key agencies that deal with Foreign Policy

GOVT.12b - Foreign Policy goals

GOVT.12c - The economies of Virginia and the United States

GOVT.13a, b, c -1 - Federal and Unitary systems; The two most common ways to organize government


GOVT.13a, b, c -2 - Limited v. unlimited governments

GOVT.14a- Basic Economic Questions

GOVT.14b - Characteristics of the three types of economic systems

GOVT.14c - The impact of the governments’ role on individual economic freedoms

GOVT.14d - The relationship between economic freedoms and political freedoms

GOVT.14e - Key Economic indicators (productivity and the standard of living)

GOVT.15a- The importance of entrepreneurship, the profit motive, and economic independence

GOVT.15b - Comparing the types of business organizations

GOVT.15c - Describing the factors of production

GOVT.15d-1 - Definition; Supply / Demand

GOVT.15d-2 - Laws of Supply and Demand

GOVT.15d-3 - Determinants of Supply and Demand

GOVT.15d-4 - Supply and Demand; Point of Equilibrium

GOVT.15e - Circular flow of economic activity

GOVT.15f - Analyzing global economic trends; Impact of technological innovations

GOVT.16a- Impact of fiscal and monetary policies on the economy

GOVT.16b - Creating public goods and services

GOVT.16c-1 - Environmental issues, property rights and consumer rights

GOVT.16c-2 - The role of government and its agencies in the marketplace


Grade 12 Study Maps
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Unit Seven State and Local Government

GOVT.8a-1 - The Constitution of Virginia/Executive Branch

GOVT.8a-2 - The Constitution of Virginia/Legislative Branch

GOVT.8a-3 - The Constitution of Virginia/Judicial Branch

GOVT.8b - Virginia local governments

GOVT.8c - Virginia local government

GOVT.17abcde - The role of personal character traits of good citizens

GOVT.18abcde - Duties of responsible citizens


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