Course Syllabus This chart provides an outline of the content included in the course Virginia and United States Government along with a correlation to the Virginia Standards of Leaning. This chart also provides a suggested guide for teachers to use as they develop a plan the pacing of individual classroom instruction.

Curriculum Framework This document is provided by the Virginia Department of Education to specify the content that is outlined in the 2001 revised Virginia Standards of Learning. This detailed document identifies the content that is to be included in classroom instruction.

Study Maps These graphic orgainzers will help students understand the content specific to each standard of learning as they prepare for the SOL assessment

Web Resources These links will provide teachers and students with useful information to enhance the study of this course. (This page is currently under construction.)

Research Project The development of good research skills is vital to every student of history and the social sciences. Further, the student's ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret the data found as a result of research is even more important. Thus, all students in every social studies class in Henrico County Public Schools will complete a research project or paper as determined for the appropriate grade level of the student.



Grade 6 / Grade 7 / Civics and Economics
World History I / World History II / Virginia and U.S. History / Virginia and U.S. Government