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Poetry Resources

Can You Haiku
Haiku show us the world in a water drop, providing a tiny lens through which to glimpse the miracle and mystery of life. Combining close observation with a moment of reflection, this simple yet highly sophisticated form of poetry can help sharpen students' response to language and enhance their powers of self-expression.

Forms of Poetry for Children
Includes: Mother Goose, Poems Set to Music, Limericks, Free Verse, Haiku, Cinquains, Concrete Poetry, Ballads, Couplets, Other Forms and Writing Poetry

Giggle Poetry
Bruce Lansky's poetry site--includes his poetry. Excellent site!
KidAuthors is a creative place to share stories and poems with people around the world, including friends and family. You can also read stories and poems written by kids around the world.

Listen and Write
Meet rapper Beattie B and write some rhythmic, rhyming raps. Join The Saurus and write wonderful Wonderwords that make your poems come alive. Write sizzling simile poems with the terrible twins, Like and As As. Send in your finished poems to the Wordz R Wilde Showcase!

Poetry Writing with Jack Prelutsky
Study the genre of poetry by taking part in step-by-step workshops with favorite authors. Then publish your poems online in Scholastic's Poetry Anthology or I Spy Riddle Library.

The Poetry Zone
If you're between 4 and 18 years old send your poem to The Poetry Zone. Here you'll find the best young people's poetry, as well as poems and interviews by some of the best children's poets around - and much more.

Writers' Window
This is a beautiful, interactive site for writing stories and poems.

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