Adventure travel without dirt
Google Earth in a Nutshell
Google Earth matters to teachers because
    -kids love it
    -it’s customizable and interactive
    -you and students can share what you make
    -you can see as much information as you want or as little
    -check out what Google’s bragging about here
Resources that will help get you started
What We’ll Cover
1.  The general controls, capabilities and tools
2.  How to get additional information in and out
3.  Ideas on how to use the program in several subjects- History, Art, Science, Math and English
It sounds simple, and it is, but I think you’ll find what you can do with it amazing.
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What You’ll Do
You will create a resource for your subject area that has the following features-
    -At least 5 placemarks with at least
        -one custom icon
        -two info windows with text
        -one info window with a html link
    -At least one overlay (your own or someone else’s)
You’ll post a rough lesson plan idea to go along with what you’ve created on this site as a comment.
Once you’ve got those tasks completed you’ll need to export your information as a KML or KMZ file and send it to me.