How to use iWeb
This course is going to explore the basics of iWeb.  We’re going to hit all the major points and by the end you’ll have a fully functional website that you can post anywhere you like.  Each page will have ideas on how to use that particular template in your class or with your students.
All of the instruction will be on the Videos page.  
Things we’ll cover-
  1.  Changing/Adding Images
  2.  Changing /Adding/Manipulating Text
  3.  Adding /Manipulating Objects
Things you’ll need-
  1.   iWeb (of course)
  2.   Some graphics (photos, drawings, whatever as long as they’re digital)
  3.   A place to post your site (teachers.henrico will be most common)
I’d use this page just like I’d use the paper I send home with students on the first day.  You probably want to outline the goals and expectations for the class in a positive and exciting way.  Remember that parents will likely see your site as well so it’s not a bad idea to get in some good PR.
iWeb lets you create really nice looking web pages quickly and easily.  
The templates saves you from creating another ugly Netscape Composer page with 15 animated gifs but doesn’t require you to figure out all the bells and whistles of Dreamweaver.
This program is your friend.