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SOL Printable Handouts
  • VUS.1- Skills
  • VUS.2- Colonization
  • VUS.3- Colonial Development
  • VUS.4- Revolutionary Period
  • VUS.5- Constitution
  • VUS.6- Early National Period to Civil War 1789-1860
  • VUS.7- Civil War and Reconstruction
  • VUS.8- Making of Modern America 1877-1914
  • VUS.9- Imperialism and WW1
  • VUS.10- The Depression and New Deal
  • VUS.11- World War 2
  • VUS.12- American Home front in WW2
  • VUS.13- The Cold War
  • VUS.14- Civil Rights Movements
  • VUS.15 - Contemporary America

the Review Packet

This is a MUST DO - practice real SOL questions released from the VA Department of Education! Instant feedback for all questions - Good Luck!

Interactive Presidential Timeline; Highlights and external links in a chronology of administrations, including a brief video for each president!

SOL Review Materials:

A great SOL review page with excellent review games!

Online Core Content Pages:

These are lesson pages used during online summer school - again, feel free to download or link to anything on these pages EXCEPT please do not download the textbooks documents (copyrights and all).
  • VUS.2-3; Colonial Period
  • VUS.4; Revolution
  • VUS.5; Constitutional Period
  • VUS.6; Early National Period to Civil War
  • VUS.7; The Civil War and Aftermath
  • VUS.8a-c; Emergence of Modern America and Jim Crow
  • VUS.8d - VUS.9; Progressives, Imperialists and WW1
  • VUS.10; The Great Depression
  • VUS.11; World War 2
  • VUS.12; America During World War 2
  • VUS.13; The Cold War and Aftermath
  • VUS.14; The Civil Rights Movement
  • VUS.15; Contemporary America

SOL Video Lectures: Here is a link to a reference page that has downloadable video lectures for EACH of the SOLs. They are referenced by topic and number - and are based on the 2008 standards. These are meant to be very basic - and they do run a little dry. Perhaps they will be of some use to you!

This page links to the 15-part series "The Century - America's Time". Each episode is broken down into 3 parts of streaming video, with a student study guide available for download.

SOL Knowledge Maps; These are based on the 2001 curriculum framework, but still may be useful

Notes & Presentations:
Each of these is in PDF format - If you want the Power Points, they will be available on SchoolSpace.
VUS.2; Colonization
VUS.3; Colonies Develop
VUS.4a; Ideologies of Revolution
VUS.4b; Declaration of Independence

VUS.4c; Events Leading to the Revolution
VUS.4d; Colonial Victory!
VUS.5a; Articles of Confederation
VUS.5b; Government through Compromise

VUS.5c; The Bill of Rights
VUS.5d; Struggle for Ratification
VUS.5e; The Role of John Marshall
VUS.6a; Early National Period
VUS.6b-c; Expansion!
VUS.6d; Age of Jackson
VUS.6e; Sectionalism and Conflict
VUS.7a; Causes of the Civil War
VUS.7b; Major Events and Leaders of the Civil War
VUS.7c; Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address
VUS.7d; Reconstruction
VUS.7e; Impact of the Civil War
VUS.7f; Postwar Contributions
VUS.8a; Cowboys and Immigrants
VUS.8b; Industrialization
VUS.8c; Jim Crow Era
VUS.8d; The Progressive Movement
VUS.9a; Imperialism
VUS.9b; World War 1
VUS.10a; Pop Culture of the 20's and 30's
VUS.10b; The Crash!
VUS.10c; Causes and Impact of the Great Depression
VUS.10d; The New Deal
VUS.11a; World War 2 Erupts
VUS.11b; America at War
VUS.11c; Minority Contribution to War
VUS.11d; Prisoners of War
VUS.11e; The Holocaust
VUS.12a-b; American Mobilization
VUS.12c; Internment!
VUS.12d; Media and Propaganda
VUS.13a; Postwar Outcomes
VUS.13b; Containment
VUS.13b; Vietnam War
VUS.13b; Cold War at Home
VUS.13c; American Sacrifice
VUS.13d; Collapse of Soviet Union
VUS.13e; Post-Cold War Policies
VUS.14a; Brown v. Board and its Impact
VUS.14b; Civil Rights Movement
VUS.15a; Role of the Supreme Court in Modern America
VUS.15b; Changing Patterns of Immigration
VUS.15c; Science and Technology
VUS.15d; The "Reagan Revolution"
VUS.15e; The Government and the Economy
VUS.15f; U.S. Facing Terrorism 

Web Quests and
Scavenger Hunts:

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Colonial Development Web Page
(2008 vus2-3)
Activity Questions

Revolution Ideology Web Page
(2008 vus4a)
Activity Questions

Winning Independence Web Page
(2008 vus4d)
Activity Questions

Constitution- Scavenger Hunt
(2008 vus5)
Activity Questions

Constitution Review Video Clip
(2008 VUS5) Activity Questions

Washington and Adams- Scavenger Hunt
(2008 vus6a)
Activity Questions

Madison and Monroe - Web Page
(2008 VUS6b-c)
Activity Questions

Early National Period Presidential Review
(2008 vus 6a-c)
Activity Questions

Andrew Jackson Clip Activity
(2008 vus6d)
Activity Questions

Expansion and War - Web Activity
(2008 vus6b-c)
Activity Questions

Toward the Civil War!- Web Activity
(2008 vus6e)
Activity Questions

The Civil War Interactive Map
(2008 VUS7b)
Activity Questions

Key Leaders of the Civil War - Biographies Web Page
(2008 VUS7b) Activity Questions

Reconstruction- Scavenger Hunt
(2008 VUS7c)
Activity Questions

Taming the Frontier - Scavenger Hunt
(2008 VUS8a)
Activity Questions

Industrialization-Web Page
(2008 VUS8b)
Activity Questions

Early Civil Rights Leaders- Web Activity
(2008 vus8c)
Activity Questions

Progressives Accomplishments
(2008 vus8d)
Activity Questions

Imperialism Introduction
(2008 vus9a)
Activity Questions

Imperialist Policies
(2008 VUS9a)
Activity Questions

World War I- Scavenger Hunt
(2008 vus9b)
Activity Questions

1920's- Web Activity
(2008 vus10a)
Activity Questions

Causes of the Great Depression- Scavenger Hunt
(2008 vus10b-c)
Activity Questions

The New Deal- Scavenger Hunt
Activity Questions

Battles of World War II Web Activity
(2008 vus11b)
Activity Questions

Holocaust- Web Activity
(2008 vus11e)
Activity Questions

Sophie's Choice Excerpts
(2008 vus11e)
Activity Questions

WW II Internment-Media - Web Activity
(2008 vus12c-d)
Activity Questions

(2008 vus13a)
Activity Questions

COLD WAR TURNS HOT! Video-Clip-Activity
(2008 vus13b)Activity Questions

(2008 vus13c)
Activity Questions

Foreign Policy Since 1988: Scavenger Hunt
(2008 vus13e)
Activity Questions

(2003 vus13a)
Activity Questions

Toward Integration; Video Clips
(2008 VUS14a) Activity Questions

(2008 VUS15a-c)
Activity Questions

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