Anne and Her Diary

Project Choices for "The Diary of Anne Frank"

Choose one or more of the following projects as we continue the reading and studying of the play, "The Diary of Anne Frank."  Your total for the project(s) must equal at least 100 points.  The maximum total points for this project cannot be more than 125 points.

  1. The place where Anne and her family lived for two years is fascinating.  Explore the descriptions of it more closely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Task:  Art Project (50 points if done on paper; 60 points if done on computer using a drawing software program)   Use various resources to help you to draw the floor plan for the secret hide-out given in the play.  First you need to read the description found in the play.  Use that description to draw a floor plan of the hide-out on a grid.  (See your teacher for this, or use your own 1/8-inch or 1/4-inch grid paper.)   Draw the three rooms on the lower part of the grid.  Draw the attic room on the upper part of the grid.  Label the rooms.  Show and label locations for all items that are not already placed on the grid.  Label the rooms.  Show and label locations for all items that are not already placed on the grid.  Labeling and drawing should be neat and accurate. Make use of straight-edges such as a ruler when drawing the objects.  Use a pencil first, then go over the drawings with ink.  For more help with this project, see the following web page:  Floor Plan Project Web Page.  You may also find the following link helpful in completing this task:  The Anne Frank House
  2. Anne Frank experienced World War II's impact first hand. She could look out her window and see soldiers walking in the street. She was forced from her home by the Nazis because of her race. Anne Frank needed to know about the events leading up to the war in order to understand what was happening to her and why the Holocaust took place.
    The Task (100 points if done on paper; 110 points if done on computer) :
    For this task, you will be required to research the events which led to World War II.  You will need to discover the countries, people, and historical events involved in World War II.  Create a time line of your findings.  It should have at least ten events.

    You may use any references, but here are some helpful links for this task:
    (Taken from a Webquest sponsored by  the Oracle Thinkquest Foundation)                                                                                                                                                                          
  3. Do you take where you live for granted?  At the age of thirteen, Anne Frank was forced out of her home by the Nazis. Anne Frank's most memorable years were spent living above an office in a secret annex.  For many months, Anne Frank could not talk, use running water, turn on lights, wear shoes, or go outside.  Many of the things you do at home every day, she was not allowed to do.
    Smiling Anne
    The Task:  (Maximum points =60 if done on the computer; 50 if done in one's own handwriting):
    This task will be to live for two hours as Anne Frank did in the annex.  You will have to complete this task at home.  Here are your instructions:
        1.) Take off your shoes, go to your room, close the windows and doors, and turn off all of the lights except for one flashlight.
        2.) During the time in your room, you can not talk, eat, use running water, watch TV, walk, or do anything that makes excessive noise such as flushing the toilet.
        3.) Record your thoughts, reactions, and activities you experienced by writing your own diary reflection.  It should look like a page out of a diary.  Put it between a cover which you have made to look like a diary before you submit it for a grade.    (Taken from a Webquest sponsored by  the Oracle Thinkquest Foundation)                                                                          Anne writing
  4.  Discrimination was a big issue during the Holocaust as well as other time periods in history. The purpose of this task is to analyze the different types of discrimination from two historical time periods.

    The Task:   (Maximum points = 110 if done on computer; 100 if written in one's own handwriting):
       To complete this task, you need to interview someone with firsthand knowledge of discrimination whether it's because of race, gender, religion, culture, age, nationality, disabilities, or creed. You should ask questions that relate to discrimination and how it affects today's society. Type the interview to include with your project.   The purpose of this task is to better understand how discrimination is still present in the modern world.  The second part of this task is to interview someone or research discrimination during the 1960's Civil Rights Movement.  Make a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the discrimination of the Holocaust in World War II to the African-Americans in the 1960's.

    Website about discrimination:
    Birmingham Civil Rights Institute:
    (Taken from a Webquest sponsored by  the Oracle Thinkquest Foundation)
  5. Many different diseases caused turmoil and despair amongst the Jewish race. Many diseases plagued them while they were in the concentration camps, because they were in constant contact with each other. They also had little sanitation and medical assistance.

    The Task:  (Maximum points = 65 if done on the computer; 55 points if done in one's own handwriting):
        Anne Frank died of a disease that many people suffered from in the Holocaust. Your fourth task will be to find the disease that claimed Anne Frank's life and the following information about the disease:
    1.)the symptoms
    2.)the origin of the disease
    3.)the biological vectors
    4.)what efforts were made to find the cure
    5.)the statistics of how many people died from the disease
        Create a factsheet of your findings with at least two illustrations.
  6.  Wherever Anne Frank went, she tried to keep a scrapbook of pictures. She took her pictures everywhere she went so she could remember her past. Above is a picture of her house. The pictures were her most precious belongings when everything else seemed to disappear.
    "A picture is worth a thousand words."
    The Task:  (Maximum points = 125):
        Create a scrapbook about events from the Holocaust and WWII. Be sure to include the timeline, the interview, the Venn-Diagram, the factsheet, and pictures or other information you gathered on your journey through this webquest. Make sure that your scrapbook is colorful, neat, and organized. Dedicate this scrapbook to the remembrance of Anne Frank, her hopes, dreams, and others who suffered from the Holocaust.  There should be at least five different pages in the scrapbook.                    (Taken from a Webquest sponsored by  the Oracle Thinkquest Foundation)                                                                                                                                                                                   
  7. The Task:  (Maximum points = 120 points):   Create a Secret Annex game.  First, visit the following sites for more information about what the Secret Annex was like and the obstacles that Anne Frank and her family faced.  Were there any "close encounters"?  What about the Green Police?  The following sites may be helpful:   The Anne Frank House  and  The Hiding Place   Your game should have all of the directions and parts for a small group of people to play the game.  It also should make references to some of the events mentioned in the play and what you may find in your research.

Here is how your grade will be determined for this project:  Anne Frank Project Rubric