Student Experience

CIT Experience

"The Center for Information Technology serves as a home for students interested in learning the fundamentals of technology. Students receive a unique, technology-based education that prepares them well for the future whether or not they decide to pursue a career in the computer science field. In this section, I want to give you the opportunity to meet some of the students in the Center so that you can learn more about the CIT experience. Click through the tabs above to learn more."

CIT Student and Web-Developer for CIT Council, Ronojoy D.

Computer Science Honor Society (CSHS)

"I was a senior who participated in the CSHS for 3 years. Looking back, CSHS really helped to shape my high school experience and gave me multiple opportunities throughout the year to lead, network, learn, and, of course, use my skills to help and contribute towards my community. One of my favorite memories from CSHS was helping out with Hour of Code; it was great and rewarding to spend the day with friends teaching kids about computer science in a fun and engaging way."

Former CIT Student, Naomi N.

"I’ve been a member of CSHS for three years, and I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had as the previous vice president as well as the president for the upcoming school year. CSHS has truly been one of the most influential groups in my high school experience primarily because it‘s helped me grow both as a programmer and as a person through volunteering opportunities. A highlight of my experience has been Virginia Star, a project where students refurbish hardware and deliver to under-served communities."

CIT Student and Current President of CSHS, Pranav K.

"During my first year in CSHS, as a sophomore, I didn't really know what to expect of being part of my first National Honor Society, but little did I know that CSHS would really provide me with so many great volunteering opportunities to explore the world of computer science. Throughout my sophomore year, I volunteered with many organizations, such as Tech for Troops and Vex Robotics. CSHS not only helped me explore CS better, but it also helped me become a better person. Overall, CSHS is a great place for anyone who wants to explore the world of computer science."

CIT Student, Sri T.

Computer Club

"Computer Club is a place with a large variety of different groups that have their own activities focused on the topic. We have groups such as cybersecurity, intermediate programming game design, graphic design, AI, and many more groups. Each of these groups have activities planned by the group leaders, and students get to choose which group they would like to join whether it be something they’re interested in or something that you're just simply curious about. It's a great place to get started or learn more; it's also a great place to meet people who have a common interest or curiosity about those topics. "

CIT Student and President of Computer Club, Allie Q.

"I originally started out in Computer Club as a freshman in CyberPatriot, but I really started getting interested in AI [artificial intelligence] and wanted to make a club of my own. If students have any ideas or special projects that they want to implement into the Computer Club, they can always ask Mrs. Norris [director of CIT] and create their own club like I did."

CIT Student and Head of AI Division of Computer Club, Adam E.

"Each year, Computer Club begins with a competition called CyberPatriot run by the US Air Force; students compete with a number of high schools in cybersecurity and networking-related challenges across a six-hour timeframe in teams of five and six. When I joined as a freshman, I had neither the skills nor the understanding that I now have of cybersecurity. I was very overwhelmed, but it quickly became a passion, and I really grew to appreciate the skills I learned through it. Computer Club has something for everyone whether it’s learning networking through Cisco or learning how to secure an operating system (OS) or even learning to create scripts for OSs. The cybersecurity division of Computer Club has no prerequisites; so, even if you have no experience or have some experience with it, we’d love to have you as part of Computer club."

CIT Student and Head of Security Division of Computer Club, Alex S.

"Computer Club is both a place for center and non-center students who share a love and passion for information technology, want to learn more about new fields in technology, and want to interact with other students. As a non center student myself, I had a chance to make new friends with students in Center who had similar interests as me. "

Computer Club Member, Cole K.

Girls of CIT

"I have been a part of Girls of CIT since my freshman year, and I’m currently serving as the president of the club; it has been an integral part of my entire high school career, especially through the different opportunities that are available to members and the close-knit bond we all share as girls in the Center. Programs, like Magic, allow girls to gain real-world experience in programming under the mentorship of a female computer scientist; it also provides award opportunities to gain recognition for being a woman in the field of IT. All in all, Girls of CIT is an extremely inclusive and supportive environment."

CIT Student and President of Girls of CIT, Shruti B.

"I've been a part of girls of CIT since my freshman year, and I'm currently the vice president for the project. I enjoy being a part of this club because it's very inclusive and covers many aspects of Information Technology; this club also allowed me to interact and share experiences with other girls involved in this field as well as give me the opportunity to speak with and ask questions to female computer scientists. Girls of CIT provides many opportunities, such as Magic and CAPWIC, for girls to gain real-world experience and the ability to meet with other computer scientists in this field. "

CIT Student and Vice President of Projects, Karpagam K.

"Girls of CIT is a club where the girls in the Center meet and connect through a variety of activities; I personally really like Girls of CIT because it allows for the girls in the center to get to know each other and it also provides them with lots of opportunities to get involved and learn more about computer science. "

CIT Student, Sanju D.

CIT Council

"As a student in the Center, I've always admired how students work hard to make sure that everyone feels included and enjoy their time in the CIT. With Thanksgiving feasts, field days, Secret Santas, and field trips, we involve all students in our program and encourage them to interact with one another. This year, I'm looking forward to working and connecting with everyone through virtual learning while still enjoying our annual activities. The Center has made such an impact on me, and I’ve been able to make so many lasting friendships and learn so much about computer science (CS); I highly recommend you be a part of our CIT community. "

CIT Student and President of CIT Council, Erika L.

"As vice president of events, I work with other students in the CIT council to plan and execute all CIT events, like the Freshman potlucks, field trips, and Secret Santas; I make sure everything goes smoothly and paints the CIT in a positive light. I am also involved in chorus; I sing with Cantate at Deep Run. I am also the president of the Knitting Club; being involved with these extracurriculars has been really beneficial because it has allowed me to find a community of people who share common interests with myself. In addition, I was able to meet, interact, and ultimately become friends with people I wouldn’t normally wouldn’t meet. "

CIT Student and Vice President of Events for CIT Council, Kennedy G.

"The CIT Council is a perfect opportunity for students to widen their horizons and pursue leadership positions since there are specific roles that capture a wide variety of interests. As a member of the CIT council, I get to work on Center events, such as the annual Thanksgiving feast and student shadowing events. Being on the Council has a beneficial impact on the CIT as a whole and serves members as well. We’d love to have you as part of our Council during your sophomore year. "

CIT Student and Secretary of CIT Council, Abhay S.

Other Extracurriculars

"There are many amazing opportunities within the Center at Deep Run, so there are also many places to get involved outside of the Center. I am personally in the Strings and Dance Team, and these two programs have helped me become acclimated to the Deep Run Community. Dance team has allowed me to meet new people from all over the school and get involved in school events, such as pep rallies and football and basketball games."

CIT Student, Riley B.

"Even though I’m part of Center for Information Technology, I still have been able to participate in many other student activities, such as the football team, wrestling team, and many other clubs, such as Interact Club where students do community service to help those in our community."

CIT Student, Reid S.

"I participate in a lot of extracurricular activities, such as the volleyball team; I'm also a Cadet in the Air Force JROTC program, I'm part of the CyberPatriot and Color Guard clubs, and I also serve as the secretary of the Girls of CIT club. All of these activities have positively impacted me and students should engage them as well."

CIT Student and Secretary of Girls of CIT, Annika G.

"Apart from my role in the CIT Council, I participate in CyberPatriot, which is a cybersecurity competition, play the violin, and play tennis for the Deep Run tennis team All of these extracurriculars are great because they really have helped me grow as a person. "

CIT Student and Software Advisor for CIT Council, Vyas N.

"Though I’ve been able to get to know other passionate students in the Center over the past three years, I foster the same relationships as well as make new ones through Deep Run’s extracurriculars. One of these is Deep Run’s robotics team, 1086 Blue Cheese, which I was actually encouraged to check out by my friends in the center; I am so glad I made the decision to join. As a first robotics competition team, we build robots each year that compete at regional, state, and international competitions. We also support and encourage the exploration of STEM for all age groups, and throughout the past two years, I have worked on the media and outreach groups, which are vital to our success at competitions and at helping our community. From getting footage to writing blog posts for the team website, to promoting STEM in Henrico County as well as advocating for STEM education on Capitol Hill, the Robotics team is always working to make the world a cheddar* place. As a member of the Blue Cheese team, I am part of a group of students with similar interests and goals as myself.

I’m also a member of the Deep Run High School orchestra which works year-round to perform full programs at multiple concerts; we're a pretty large ensemble with members from varying musical levels, but we all work together and support growth for beginner students as well as advanced players to make sure we can perform at our best. In and outside of the classroom, we make sure to be productive and practice our music. We’re also like a little family."

CIT Student, Kathryn O.