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Welcome to another exciting Science year at Fairfield Middle School!  Ms. Edwards teaches 8th grade Physical Science at Fairfield Middle School in Henrico County, Richmond, Virginia.  In Physical Science, you will learn the basics of Chemistry and Physics.  In the Chemisty section you will make things sticky, ooey, gooey, slimy, smelly, and explosive.  In the Physics section you will use sports to comprehend the actions in the universe.  Overall, this should be a fun and challenging school year!

This web page was developed to help Ms. Edwards students and their parents.  With the 8th grade SOL tests at the end of this year, it is very important that students maintain good grades and attendance.  Ms. Edwards is committed to updating this site every two weeks to insure that students and parents can acquire the most current information.  If any link or site does not work, please notify Ms. Edwards immediately. Students and parents can reach me at the following locations:

Ms. Edwards
Fairfield Middle School
5121 Nine Mile Rd
Richmond, VA 23223

email address: keedwards@ henrico.k12.va.us
home number:  241-0770 before 9:30 pm
school number:  328-4020
Other Important Sites:

HCPS Web Site                                                                Fairfield Middle School                                                VA Science SOL's