General Grading Policy For All Courses


The majority of time in this class will be spent working on projects. There will be many lectures, critiques, and other engaging activities, but most of the time and attention of the class is focused on art production. Since making art is the focus, it is fitting that the grades received on those projects, or “works of art”, will weigh heavily toward the overall grade in the course.

There will be an array of written activities that will be included into this category, such as tests, quizzes, re-written essays, homework , as well as an array of class work activities. Some assignments within this category will weigh more than others.

Visual Journal
:: 15%
Your visual journal is an independent research journal that varies according to the course level. The specific directions for the visual journal will be handed out in each class.

Participation grades are calculated on a weekly basis. Students are given 100% participation grades at the beginning of each week, and will lose points only if lack of participation is noted. The specific point deductions are handed out in each individual course, as the expectations vary per curriculum level. Below are the three main categories of participation in this class.

It is expected that each student is prepared for discussion each day.  We will often have group activities in this class that require interaction and actively engaged participation.

It is expected that students have the appropriate materials and completed assignments.

It is expected that students put forth an honest effort daily. Not all students possess equal technical ability, nor do all students progress at the same speed. As long as student work to the best of their abilities, their grades will reflect their efforts. Participation grades will reflect the daily effort of the students.