Warmups Topic 3.7

Short Answer
Write the system of inequalities and optimum function created by each problem.


Abercrombie sells both children and adult clothes.  In one day, the store will sell a maximum of 65 total shirts with the adult shirts selling for $27 and the child shirt selling for $20. The store must sell at least 15 children’s shirts and 10 adult shirts.  How much money will the store make?


A land developer wishes to build one-story and two-story houses on his plot of land.  He is allowed to build a maximum of 60 houses on 50 acres of land.  One story houses take .75 acres to build and will sell for $150,000.  Two story houses take 1 acres to build and will sell for $180,000.  The builder must build at least 20 one-story houses and 5 two-story houses as well.  How much will the developer make?


John can make at most $2,700 in television and radio sales today.  He knows he will sell exactly 35 radios and televisions.  Also, he knows that he won’t sell more than 30 radios at $70 or 15 televisions at $100.  What is the most he can actually make?

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