Directions:  These are PHAT questions!!! A one or two word answer will  NOT  DO!!! first thing!!!  PUt your proper heading on your own paper.  then copy each question and Answer each question using complete sentences.  Make sure you answer all parts of all questions and be specific!!! Use examples from the story to explain your answer!

1.  When James is describing the kitten in the beginning of the memoir, what kind of mood did he set for  the story?

2.   Does James like the boys in his neighborhood?  Why / Why not?

3.  Who is Doctor Milk?  Why does James say that he will work for him some day?

4.  Why does James say he has never had a pet of his own, even though his dad said  that Bucky is his?

5.  Why does James say he doesn’t want to think about going hunting with his father and his brothers?  Why does he  say he will go even though he doesn’t want to?

6.  What bothered James so much about the time his brother killed a deer?

7.  Why do you think James chose the words “slab” and “gray” to describe the venison (deer meat)?

8.  How does James’ mother react to the kitten James is hiding inside of  his jacket?

9.  What does James tell his mother he is going to do with the kitten?  How does  she react?  Do you think this is a clue (or foreshadowing) of something yet to come? 

10.  How does James describe his big brother?  What does he hope his brother will do?

11.  What does James’ brother do when he and James get to the veterinary hospital?

  1. 12. What decision has James made at the end of the story?  Do you think he “grew” as a person from this experience?  If so, how? If not, why?  Be specific.

13. Have you ever had to make a decision that was different than what you “were expected” to decide by your family/friends/teachers, etc.  In a paragraph, or two, tell about that time.