Give yourself a competitive edge!

Goals and Objectives:
Develop a near-native proficiency in Spanish
Promote awareness, acceptance, and understanding of cultural differences
Reinforce knowledge in other school subjects through our cross-curricular activities
Demonstrate understanding of the nature of languages through comparisons of world languages to English
Use Spanish at school and beyond by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities and the study-abroad program
Show evidence of becoming life-long learners by using Spanish for personal enjoyment and enrichment

Instruction and Curriculum Advantages:
Attend a two-week summer jump start program to make the transition into high school smoother
Learn to think logically in Spanish by being completely immersed in 2 or more classes per day
Take SOL, AP and other classes required for graduation in our program
Enjoy the smaller classes and family atmosphere
Listen to foreign guest speakers
Graduate with a special diploma
Go to college prepared for advanced courses

Learning a world language:
Improves entrance exams scores—SAT’s, ACT’s, MCATs, and LSATs.
Catches the eye of anyone reading your college application
Enhances opportunities working in any field (i.e.government, business, law, medicine, technology, the military)

Come join the fun!
Interesting, hands-on activities
Guest speakers
Field trips, study abroad program
Cultural events