Phases of the Moon


Moon pictures used with permission from Robert Reeves

You’ve probably noticed that the moon looks different almost every night.  The reason is that the moon has a day and a night too.  The light side of the moon is its day, and the dark side is its night.  A day on the moon, however is a lot longer than our day.  Our day is only 24 hours, but a lunar day lasts a little over 4 weeks (29.5 days... which is just about a month!)  Click on the links below to learn more about the phases of the moon. 

Click here to watch a cartoon moon explain his different phases.

Click here to watch my buddy Frank’s cool moon podcast.

Click here to play a moon phases game.  Try to get the rocket to the moon by answering the questions.

Click here for a Moon Match quiz.  See if you can put the pictures and labels in the correct order.

Click here to view a lunar calendar of any month in any year.

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