Establishing a government (VUS.5)

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The Assignment

1. View the Video Lectures for this module. You may find it helpful to download, print, and complete the "Guided Notes" as you view these.

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4. Blog Topic: Thomas Jefferson once said, "The Government that governs best, governs least - or not at all." How does that principle apply to the U.S. Constitution? How do you feel about the power of the government (does it need to be strong or weak)?

<all blogs should be between 100-300 words, and should be a reflection of your opinions on the topic, not a re-statement of the facts>

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Course Readings:

The Core:

VUS.5a; Articles of Confederation

VUS.5b; Government Through Compromise

VUS.5c; The Bill of Rights

VUS.5d; Struggle for Ratification

VUS.5e; The Role of John Marshall

As you navigate through the Core Readings using the links at the bottom of each page, the images contain the most basic and necessary information. The "Other Notes" sections help to explain the key content. The "Video Clips" are on-line clips that can help you to understand the key content, and the "Extra-Links" provide supplemental information about the content on each page. Be sure to click on the Quia link at the end to test yourself!


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