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Art is a transformative experience for the creator, viewer and environment. It transforms the person creating it, it transforms the viewer by the act of the act of viewing the art and it transforms the environment in which it is shown. Art adds value. These are positive influences for our children and society at large and cannot be overstated.

MSDS Sheets
Here is a collection of MSDS sheets. It is a large file to download and print. You can print individual pages by selecting them one at a time. Please check with your ITRT for addional help with printing.
Traditional PDF Version
Akron Publics Schools - pretty comprehensive list
Here is a collection from Manchester City
Here is a collection from Grand Rapids Community College
Elmer's Collection of Products. You can print directly from the web or use Ctrl (apple)+ A to select all, then copy and paste into MS Word
Amaco Glazes and products
MSDS Inventory Sheet (Word Doc)

Here are our focus areas this year:
  • Student Art Shows: 100% participation in all central shows, showing within your building and community.
  • Teamwork: We must work as a team at all levels your co-workers, your building, within feeder patterns, and the HCPS Art Department.
  • Recruitment: Within your classes, your school, to the feeder schools, and your community.
  • Opportunity: Look at all issues as an opportunity to learn, build our classes, departments, and the HCPS Art Department with the goal of improving student learning through the Arts.

HCPS Art Department Mission:

  • The Henrico County Art Department is dedicated to providing students with a high quality, sequential art education that promotes knowledge and technical skills, synthesis of thought, self-expression, and the personal satisfaction that only the joy of making art can bring.
  • Through the art curriculum, we offer students the opportunity to grow as individuals – as creative, critical, and independent thinkers, problem solvers, and life-long learners. With this foundation, students will be equipped to become productive members of any collaborative team.
  • We commit to offering supportive and creative environments that will help students understand the contributions that art makes to past, present, and future cultures. We strive to help students see their place in this big picture.

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