School Space

School Space
In order to remain on this flight all passengers will need to join the Byrd All Faculty Community in School Space. This community will REPLACE our Byrd Information Page  ( and all information that was once on that page has been transferred into our community group.

What does all this mean?
As you all know the county has invested in a new learning management system (AKA "School Space" just like blackboard) that all teachers and students have access to. We are now entering year 2 of this initiative. In order to help all of you become acclimated with this tool we will now house everything we share with you in our "BYRD ALL FACULTY" School Space Community. This includes all of the electronic documents that were emailed during teacher work week, technology directions, professional development information, etc. As you interact more with this tool you will start to see its potential use in the classroom. Use the directions below to become a member of our community.

Step 1: Enroll in the Community

  1. 1.Go to

  2. 2.Login with your VOL 1 credentials (ex. dasaunders & password)

  3. 3.You will now enter the main working environment of School Space. Scroll down to the bottom and locate “enroll by pin”.

  4. 4. In the section ID field, enter the following (MUST BE EXACT): Wilder_Principals_Corner

  5. 5. A window requesting a password will appear. Enter the password: WMS (all uppercase)

  6. 6. You should now receive a message that you have successfully joined our community.

  7. 7. You can close the window. Go on to the next step and video for an overview of our community

This Concludes your Technology Set up for the start of the school year!
(for now anyway) :-)

Step 2: Using the Community

  1. 1.Go to

  2. 2.Login with your VOL 1 credentials (ex. kdbostain & password)

  3. 3. Locate the community groups “nugget” (that’s what they call it)

  4. 4. Click on “Wilder Principals Corner”

  5. 5. You will now use the tabs across the top to access content. The main 2 tabs to start with are calendar & content. As we start to use school space more we will have more training and information on the different tabs and features.

If you have questions and/or need help, please see our AWESOME School Space Trainers:

  1. Bullet S. Morris   

  2. Bullet T. Vernon

  3. Bullet L. Morris

  4. Bullet K. Williams

Video coming soon!